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Joe is a versatile artist who has been working in the creative field for 10 years+. He received a BFA in new media at Kansas City Art Institute in ’07 & has a background in photo retouching, animation, film, music, creative writing  & design


With over ten years of experience working in the creative field, Joe has been everything from an illustrator, a motion graphic artist, a stand up comedian, and everything in-between.

Raised in rural Missouri on a cattle ranch, he learned what hard work was, how to ride a horse, and even how to castrate a steer if needed. Brought up in the small town of Amsterdam, Missouri, population 242, Joe learned the old-fashioned mid-west hospitality that good folks appreciate. He also learned that drawing on the bathroom wall, where there were no other artists in the school since he graduated with only 19 other people, he was easily reported to the principal due to his identifiable and unique talent. Sadly, this happened multiple times.

As an alumni at the Kansas City Art Institute, he majored in New Media. He studied web development, film, art history, philosophy, and all the things that go along with a liberal education. It also opened his mind about different cultures, religions, and other people’s lifestyles.

As a resume goes, Joe has worked for companies such as Hallmark, AMC theaters, and even Glamour Shots as a photo editor and a motion graphic artist. As a creative writer, he created a cartoon called Foul Mouth the Mouse that led him to stand up comedy, which included a huge amount of crude humor and bad taste. This, however, also strengthened his communication and people skills.

Joe is not afraid to talk to a stranger or lend a helping hand to someone else in need. He attacks life with a positive attitude and with the intentions of making a positive, lasting impression to all those that he meets. Art and photography are Joe’s passion but by no means does he limit himself to what he knows. He’s always up for a new challenge.

Angels Landing - Zion National Park. Utah
Angels Landing – Zion National Park. Utah

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