Scars of experience are forever while the double blade of awareness can open a healed wound.
Your traveled path was paved of others cruel deceit & selfish intentions and assembled by your unwilling trust.
After the dust settled, you are left a broken sense of decency, distrust and coldness while you slowly try to gather what is left of you.
Progress is halted by knowing that leaving your heart on your sleeve would be making the same mistake again then accepting new untrustworthy souls tossing more kindle into the hot ashes, only the sweat of your composure abates the inevitable escalation to fire, again.
Ignore these invalidating nothings for as that they are.
Other than dwelling on who has hurt you, is better to remember who has done you right.
Don’t look back &¬†give hope that there is light ahead in the uncertainty.
Calm & focus, then march towards your own new path.


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